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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thirty Days

I hate excuses!
Listen, we all know I've been an absentee blogger. And we know that, usually - if someone has stopped talking/writing about something, they have stopped doing it. 

And I have.

I have no excuses. I've had to traumatic event to prevent me from continuing to do well and get to my goal - I just got lazy. Super Lazy. And now - I feel like crap. Absolute, total crap. My feet hurt, my legs hurt, my back hurts...and it's my fault!!!

Turn around!

Sometimes, when you let yourself stop chasing your goals, you get down. And you  start to think things like:

"I have too much weight to lose"
"I'll never be able to do it"
"I'm too tired to change my situation"

And then, a few days ago, while I was all funk-i-fied i actually thought:

"You know what, maybe I should just take the rest of the year off and start again in January."

WHAT?!? Are you kidding me, self?!? You wanna throw away all the work you've done so far, and just gain all the weight back? What the HECK was I thinking?

Sadly, I have already gained a large chunk of it back (more on that tomorrow).

Bottom line: I need to get my shit together - with a quickness.

Plan of action!

"Goals without plans are just wishes."

Right now I am feeling extremely overwhelmed with the amount of time and effort it will take to get where I want to be.

So, Inspired by Skinny Emmie, I've decided to say focused and on track every day in September.

30 days. 

30 days to stay on the right track. I'm not planning past that right now. I'm just taking it one day at a time until I reach 30.

I'll count calories, drink water, workout like crazy, and write down every bite of food I put in my mouth.

Another step I'm taking - I've decided to post my weigh in's on my blog. I don't mean just "I lost x pounds this week". I mean, I picture of the scale - oh man - SCARY!

If I start to get overwhelmed I will just remind myself that it is only 30 days. And I can do just about anything for 30 days. 


  1. it's weird cause I looked at your blog just yesterday wondering where you went. You can do it!!! Have Faith.

  2. Thank you! :) Keep me in check cause I need it!