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Friday, September 2, 2011

1st Official Weigh In

Oh. Sweet. Baby. Jesus - I'm really puttin' my balls out there on this one.

I'm scared to post this - so scared. I'm doing it though, because I feel as though it's an important part of my weight loss journey.  

Weigh in 9/1/2011:

Starting Weight: 478.0 lbs.
Current weight: 469.2 lbs.
Total loss: -8.8 lbs.

When I jumped on the scale yesterday morning and saw that I have gained SO MUCH of the weight back that I had lost - my first reaction was:

Then, I felt like this for about an hour: 

And now? Now I'm just like:

So...LET'S DO IT!!!


  1. Love the last pic!! I'm proud of you for posting this. I know that it's hard. I need to do a post with my gain as well, and I've been putting it off... you have given me the courage to do it. I'll definitely get it done this weekend!

  2. I know its hard!! Im amazed at the support the blogging world can give!! Proud of you for 'starting' again!!