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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Empty Plans and Broken Dreams

(Ok, so that title was a wee bit dramatic. :)

I feel guilty. I don't want to let you guys down. I don't want to let MYSELF down. I hate that I keep talking about getting more fitness - making plans and declarations (like here, here, and here) and not following through. 

I read other blogs where people work out morning, noon, and night - and I can't workout for 30 minutes? Now, since I've made myself my 30 day promise, my calorie intake has been spot on, but working out is an ESSENTIAL part of weight loss and health, and its a constant struggle for me. 

So I need your help - 

What motivates you to get to the gym?

What do you do to make the decision easier for yourself?

Tell me your tips! 


  1. I don't naturally love working out, so it's always a challenge for me. I tell myself to put on my shoes and go. If I'm miserable 10 minutes in, I can quit.
    However, I find once I get going, I'm fine for the full time :)

  2. I wish I had wonderful advice for you on this...but I too struggle to exercise!!! I guess it all comes down to putting your mind to it and sticking with much easier said than done!!!

    Great job on sticking to the calorie goal. Don't beat yourself over not exercising. Make sure you recognize and celebrate the positive too!!! Baby steps :) Once I find the secret to working out and enjoying it, I'll be sure to share!

  3. I have this heart rate monitor. Using it, not only allows me to see my hr, I can also see how many calories I burn. "Seeing" the progress makes it more tangible for me, even if I don't see a big difference on the scale. I'll set calorie burn goals on the treadmill and the easier it gets, the more fun it is. I also go first thing in the morning, like 5am, or before I go home after work. If I don't bring my clothes to work, there's a big chance I won't go. Like Ashley said, baby steps. You motivate me, so keep at it. You're already doing amazing.

  4. Hey!

    I just read your post and found your blog! AWESOME You go girl, so proud of you!
    I have found that MUSIC makes the world of difference for me. On days I don't feel like working out, I just say..GO b/c I know in the end (like always) I'm so glad I went. Having a great workout mix is a MUST for me. Once I'm running to some of my favorite new dance songs, I feel like I'm running to the beat almost like dancing :-)
    On beautiful days outside, I tell myself that having the sun on my face will make my workout better & it does. A good sweat in the sun makes me feel great. At least once a week I hike up KSU, or run at the Roswell Rec.
    Another tip? Change it up! I run, use the elliptical, take a spin (cycling) class, kickbox class and my latest favorite- ZUMBA- you're dancing while working out!?! How great is that? After going to the classes I have new found friends that keep me looking forward to seeing them the next class- thats good motivation too.

    Keep it up lady! You'll begin to feel amazing after your workouts and just remember how good you felt afterwards every time you don't want too and get a great music mix.

    SUN & MUSIC & Change the Workout= success!

  5. Trainer. Show up, do the work, lose weight. No motivation needed (but can be pricey....)


  6. Hey MJ! Long time no talk! I clicked on a link from your fb page, and I must say...I'm very proud of you for this 30 day plan! It's a wonderful way to tackle a daunting task & I'll be checking in to see how you're doing & to give myself some motivation as well! :)

    I've gained 40 lbs in the past 2 yrs & I'm struggling with a lot of the same things you are. As far as getting into the gym, there are several things I do...

    1. Plan my trip around a fav TV show (usually Criminal Minds), that way, when I'm working out, I'm into the show & time goes by faster. If I'm gonna watch the show, I might as well do it while on the cardio machines, ya know?

    2. Find a buddy that keeps you accountable. They don't necessarily have to go to the gym with you (though it would be nice), but you tell them when you'll be going & they should check in on you daily. The important thing for me is the external accountability because I don't have enough will power to do it on my own.

    3. Personal trainer is good too, and quite pricey, but it's worth it...investing in your life, ya know? That also give you the accountability & the desire to push harder, when normally I'd give up.

    I hope this helps, and best of to you soon!