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Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday - on Thursday

One Starbuck's light mocha, and 3 hard boiled eggs

Calories: 309, Carbs 21, Fat 17, Protein 22

Leftover homemade bar-b-q chicken pizza from last night (this is not actually MY pizza, but it looks a lot like it and I really wanted pics for all entries - I know, I'm crazy).

Calories 995, Carbs 101, Fat 21, Protein 25

Dark Chocolate Granola thin.

Calories 80, Carbs 11, Fat 4, Protein 1

Chicken Noodle soup and Ritz Crackers

Calories 600, Carbs 76, Fat 31, Protein 14

Bedtime Snack:
Cheddar Cheese Slice

Calories 80, Carbs 0, Fat 7, Protein 5

Totals: Calories 2064, Carbs 209, Fat 80, Protein 67

Where's the color? Clearly, a few adjustments need to be need. I am on track with calories but seriously lacking in the fruit/veggie department. 

What did YOU eat yesterday?

Do you have any ideas for sneaking veggies into meals?

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