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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day After Birthday Weign In!

Good morning people!

Today's weigh in results:


Starting weight: 478
Last weeks weight: 455
Lost this week: -9
Total lost: 14

My graph:

How I'm feeling:

It's always disappointing when I see a gain - but I'm not going to stress out about it too much. I've had a great week, I've been eating well, working out, and getting plenty of rest. 

I'm pretty sure that water weight is responsible for 90% of my gain (the other 10% is because I did not count calories on my birthday yesterday). My wonderful parents took me to Red Lobster last night for my birthday dinner, and I had 3 of those yummy delicious biscuits with even more salty food (I'm still counting it as a victory though, because I didn't get Endless Shrimp - holler if you hear me!) - and I'm extra puffy this morning.

So today I will chug water, watch my salt intake, and that 9lbs. will probably be gonna by tomorrow or Friday!


  1. I am proud of you !!!! I have hopped on the banwagon lol so we can do it together even tho we live forever away lol ... We love you so much and are gonna cheer you in the whole way ... Love wesley Ashley and Anzlee

  2. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I know what you mean about the salt and weight gain. Happens to me a lot, too!! Sodium is the hardest thing to control because it's in practically everything! I'm on a restricted sodium diet and I have the hardest time keeping it at under 1,800mg. If I'm not extra careful, it can easily go up to over 4,000mg!!

    Keep chugging that water to get rid of that extra weight!! And glad you had a good birthday dinner!! :)

  3. Ashley! That's awesome! Not that you need to lose anything, girl!!! Maybe one Saturday ya'll could come down and we could hike Kennesaw Mountain.

    I love you girl!!!

    Thank you, Laryssa! :) 1800mg is super low - I don't know if I could do it!!!

  4. Hey girl, something I was told to do last week, and has been a huge game changer. Put everything in plastic baggies, and write how many caloires are in each bag. My cabinets and fridge if full of bags of grapes, crackers, carrots, all in little bags. It makes things easy when I'm running out the door to work. Hope that helps!


  5. Jeanette - that's a great tip! Especially since I never feel like making food during the week!