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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Filling Up My Bucket

 My feet and legs tend to get swollen very easily as we all learned in this post. In order to keep that to a minimum, I have to make sure I get my water in everyday - if I skip it, or if I don't drink enough, I end up with this: 

And that - well - it ain't purdy. 

In my mind I like to think of the extra fluid in my body as water in a bucket. Every moring, I wake up with a bucket that is half full, on the verge of tipping over. 

When I drink water, I add more water to the bucket. When I've drank (drunk? drunken? dranken?) enough water, then my bucket gets full, and tips over, keeping me from swelling up! 

It's sort of like a game show, or relay race - where one person has a tiny cup to fill up a huge bucket and the first person to fill up their bucket and make it tip over - wins! 

If I drink enough to fill up my bucket, I WIN! And by win...I mean my ankles and feet look like this (and don't hurt):

[Please ignore the crappy photo taken on my phone (and that my feet are in need of a pedicure).]

Now, if I eat salty foods - it makes my bucket bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER! And it takes more water to make it tip over. 

I hope my ramblings on buckets has not thoroughly confused/bored any of you. 

Please note: I am not a doctor or medical professional in any capacity - this bucket business is just a mental tool I use to keep me chuggin water. 

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  1. also being in the water for exercise works as a natural diuretic, the water pressure pushed your excess water to you bladder kinda that's why i hop out for potty breaks every hour and a half between classes. Drinking enough water is key to keeping myself from bloating also.