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Monday, July 25, 2011

Cankles and Baby Ducks!

My weekend:

Keith and I went out to the country ("the country" is what we call the area my mom's side of family lives in) and visited with everyone! 

At my aunt and uncle's house we played with baby ducks,

and had a great time! 

It was hot. Super hot.

So, I hung out outside all day in (in the super hotness), didn't drink enough water (I justified this by saying I didn't have to - it was cheat day, after all) - and when we got home late on Saturday night, my feet looked like this:


It's Monday morning, and even though I drank a ton of water yesterday, I'm still retaining like a camel. Serves me right!!!

This weeks goals:

-drink 150oz+ water every day - even the weekend!
-get up every morning and be at the gym at 5 (epic fail on this today because of my stupid ringer)
-take everything ONE day at a time!

What are your goals this week?

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