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Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm Done Waiting Until Monday!

Remember Sunday night when I tweeted this?:

Martha Duff
The plan is to be at the gym at 5am tomorrow morning. Hold me accountable - ask me if I went sometime tomorrow! I need ya!

Umm, yea, the plan didn't really work out so great. I've been horrible this week and it all started with an 11.2lb gain this week at Monday's weigh in. Yes, ELEVEN. 

Holy Ball Sacks

Now, I do attribute most of that to water weight (remember my cankles?), but you and I both know that is wasn't all water weight. 

The week went downhill from there. Last night I thought to myself, "I really need to get my sh*t together! I'll start fresh on Monday."

Then my other self said "NO! Start fresh today! Right now!" 

So I did.

It was 8:30pm - I went to bed, so that I could get up before work and head to the grocery store and stock up. 

My haul:

I got (starting at the left):
-roasted turkey
-4 pink lady apples
-4 georgia peaches
-2 mangoes
-2 half gallons of vanilla almond milk (I've never tried this before, I'm excited!)
-2 containers of 0% dannon plain greek yogurt
-3 containers reduced fat feta (1 plain, 2 tomato/basil)
-1 giant bag of collard greens (for green monsters)
-1 giant bag of kale (for green monsters)
-2 semi-giant bags of spinach
-two mustards
-two honeys
-18 eggs

My total was around $54 - not bad for a weeks worth of food. 

Tonight I have plans with a friend, but I am going straight to the gym after work - before we go out. 

I am/was on a slippery slope and I can't let myself slide!

Ever saved yourself from your own slippery slope?


  1. Umm for sure you are on the right track!! and you are dong GREAT!! and yes honey, those 11 lbs could have been all water weight. just keep going like your going!! DO YOUR THING GIRL!! :-)

  2. Oh, yes, it is very possible the 11.2 pounds could be attributed to water weight. A few days after you get back on the wagon, I'm sure you will notice a big difference in the right direction. Take it from someone whose been on and off with the dieting.

  3. Hola MJ,
    Yummy to my tummy, your grocery store finds look great! :) Just keep plugging away & you will get there...I KNOW IT! :) Oh so proud of all that you have accomplished this far.

  4. Hi Martha Jane. I am taking Biotin. It was recommended by a hair dresser and it has the added benefit of helping with your metabolism :)