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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My January workout details! Keep in mind that the calories burned are estimated based on what the treadmill says, and what I found online:

If you ca't read that - cause it's so super tiny - click it and it will get bigger. 

Here are the deets: 

I worked out for a total of 1345 minutes this month. (I'm taking tonight off because my knees are giving me fits.)

I burned a total of 12931 calories.

I completed a workout 61% of the days in January. Whoa! Amazing! And by amazing, I mean, way better that the 0% in December, and November, and probably October. 

My average minutes per day (including days off) is 43. 

My average calorie burn per day (including days off) is 417.

Considering last month I was having trouble standing up off the couch (not really. Well - kind of.)...I consider this a GIGANTIC success!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weigh In Day!


I'm a little disappointed this week - even though that's a little crazy. 20 lbs in one  month is amazing. 

Onward and Downward!

Friday, January 27, 2012


It's important to me that you know that this is hard. Losing weight is hard. Changing your life is hard. 

Sometimes it's day by day - but most of the time it's a minute by minute struggle. It's deciding to make the right choice every single minute of everyday. And the truth is - sometimes I fail. Sometimes I don't feel like drinking water - so I skip it. Sometimes I feel like eating extra at dinner - and I do. Sometimes I just HATE the gym - so I skip it.

Those times are VERY rare though. I find myself spending a lot of time trying to convince myself to make the right decision. And MOST of the time it works. 

It's a constant struggle. 

The truth is though - every time I made the right decision (no matter how small) - I feel more empowered to make the right decision the next time. And the next. 

And it's worth it. 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things I Tell Myself During My 60 Minute Workout

1 min - I can do this! I think this feels easier today!
2:30 min - This is awesome - I am probably like 1/4 of the way done!
2:31 - oh...
15:00 - I'm only doing 30 minutes today, 30 minutes is totally acceptable.
21:00min yea - def only doing 30 minutes
29:00 - ok...I'm gonna do 35 minutes.
31:00 - damn..I should have stopped at 30.
35:00 - ok, maybe I will go to 45.
37:50: I'm probably already to 44 mins!
37:52: oh...
44:00 - ok...finish this
47:00 - come on! you can do anything for 13 minutes
50:00 - I'll be done in no time!
52:00 I'm probably at 58 mins already!
52:01 - oh.
58:00 - I'm quitting!
58:01 - NO! you can do anything for 2 minutes and 29 seconds!
59:00 - this is the longest two minutes of my life
59:30 - I can do anything for 30 seconds!
59:50 - AHH!
60:00 - Yes! I totally nailed it!

This is how my workout goes... Every. Single. Time.

I tell you this because it's not easy! Some of you say that I inspire you, or that you wish I had my drive. Here's my secret - I don't have a secret. I struggle. I struggle HARD!

But here's the truth - I have never been disappointed in myself for finishing a workout. You just gotta dig deep - even when it hurts...

Just. Don't. Quit.


Nothing worth having ever comes easy.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weigh In Time!


Really - just so stinkin proud of myself. I'm really doin it, y'all. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 3 - To-Do list Checkup!

2012 to-do list:

fit into size 28 jeans - on track!
finish quilts - not started :(
read 20 books - eeks...not started
go up stairs without getting winded - on track - sort of. This has been a little discouraging. I'm killing it at the gym...but still huffin and puffin up the stairs.
fit into size 3x bathing suit from Wal-Mart - on track!
drink 130oz of water at least 6 days per week - this has been a breeze for me (so far)! I love me some aqua.
no soda - check! - not even craving it (thank goodness).
lose at least 150lbs. - on track. 12 lbs down this year - 26 total!
paint bedroom furniture white - this will probably be in the summer :)
look great everyday - put more effort into hair, makeup, etc. - umm...yea...about that ....
plant a garden spot at Mom and Dad's - can't wait til it's time! 
add 3 more veggies to my 'like' list - I'm thinking about roasting some brussel sprouts this weekend. I'll keep ya posted.
climb Kennesaw mountain at least 15 times - none yet. I think next Sunday is the day for the first time. Depending on weather.
run for 10 minutes in a row - no running yet - but the walking is going great!

Goal this week:

My step counter from my goals for week two is not really working correctly - but...I still got in 10k + steps each day at least 5 out of 7 days that week. I'm sure of it.

As for this week - I have two goals.

1. To walk 3.2 miles on the treadmill at least twice in preparation for the Hunger Walk.

2. Read The Help. I have it - just gotta make time. 

P.S. Check me out with all that new space between my tum tums and the steering wheel. I mean - I kinda rock (just sayin). 

Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 2: Weigh In


O.M.G. I can't believe it! I was irrationally nervous before I got weighed and measured. This is proof that if you dedicate yourself - and work hard - you can create change!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Shut Up! And put ya money where your mouth is...

(pic taken on NYE by my Sister-In-Law!)

I can't want to put this picture in a photo frame with 3 spaces along side the pictures from 2013, and 2014 and hang it proudly on our living room wall. 

Big Announcement! 

I know some of you are probably skeptical about whether or not I will stick with my plan this time. THIS TIME. Gah - I hate that phrase.

Well - I've been yacking about it - and now I'm putting my money where my mouth is. 

Keith and I have decided to cut off the cable and internet for one year, and use the savings to pay for Personal Training for myself. 

WHOA. Seriously. That is huge for us. For me. I've never been this committed or this serious. 

I will be having one session per week with a trainer, and I am super-duper-crazy-excited! I'll keep ya updated on all the details of my training. 

I am so glad I have such a sweet, loving and supportive husband who is willing to sacrifice for my health! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My First 5K

I'm officially signed up for my first 5K! 

I'm so excited to be walking a 5K AND doing it for such a great cause!

On March 11, 2012 I will be walking in the Atlanta Community Food Bank's Hunger Walk. 

You can find more information on the hunger walk here.

I signed up as part of the group from the Hub's office. 

It would be awesome if you could donate - $10, $5, $1 - or even if all you can give is your encouragement and support that would be great too! :)

I'll be training for this walk the next two months. My goal is to walk the 3.2 miles in under 60 minutes - but honestly - I'll just be happy when I finish it! 

Thank you in advance for your support! :)

Monday, January 9, 2012


I woke up at 7:00am yesterday (on a SUNDAY) and hauled my butt to the gym. 

Did I mention yesterday was Sunday?

Did I mention it was 7:00am?

Did I mention I hate all things 'morning'?

Did I?!?

I took some awesome pictures of what a 7:00am on a Sunday workout can do to you - but alas I don't have my camera cord. 

So this will do:


The good news is - if you KEEP have 7:00am Sunday (and everyday in between) workouts - it will also do THIS to you:


After my workout I had a fantastic day with my sweet hubby, his sister and his dad - who it was great to see! Shouda took pictures! Shoot!

What did you do this weekend to make yourself proud of...yourself?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week 1: To-Do list check in!

2012 to-do list check ins:

fit into size 28 jeans - on track!
finish quilts - not started :(
read 20 books - eeks...not started
go up stairs without getting winded - on track. I'm hoping that Making the Elliptical my Bitch will help with this
fit into size 3x bathing suit from Wal-Mart - on track!
drink 130oz of water at least 6 days per week 4/4 days this week!  2 to go.
no soda - check!
lose at least 150lbs. - on track. Weighing in on Monday...will post on Tuesday.
paint bedroom furniture white - this will probably be in the summer :)
look great everyday - put more effort into hair, makeup, etc. - I don't wanna toot my own horn - but know I been looking good! 4/4 days! check!
plant a garden spot at Mom and Dad's - looked up planting schedule for my zip code. I'm on it!
add 3 more veggies to my 'like' list - not started
climb Kennesaw mountain at least 15 times - not yet!
run for 10 minutes in a row - no running yet - but the walking is going great!

This weeks goal:

As part of my Christmas, I got a brand new handy dandy New Balance HRM:

(please excuse the horrible pic)

I really love it! It has a built in pedometer, and I've been tracking my steps. Yesterday I got up to 10,025 for the day.

This week (Friday, 1/6/12 - Thursday 1/12/12), my goal it to pass the 10,000 step mark every day! I've been told that "healthy people" take 10,000 steps a day OUTSIDE of their workouts. Well, my workout WILL be included in my step counts for now. 

Have a great weekend!!! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Making the Elliptical My Bitch

On Monday, the first day at the gym I was all like "Hey baby I'm just gonna hop on the elliptical and do 20 minutes on there, then 20 on the bike, and then 20 on the treadmill."

Then I hopped on the elliptical and started trotting along. 

I did not look like this:

Umm, yea - I made it about 45 seconds before it started beeping and telling me I was going too slow. So I tried to go faster. 

Epic Fail. 

I threw up the deuces and went over to the bike. 

Epic Fail.

I hung my head down, went back over to the treadmill beside Keith, and did my 60 minutes on the treadmill (have I told you that I HATE the treadmill?).

On Tuesday (day two), There were no treadmills available cause of all the horrible, awful, disgusting, wishy-washy people (they should be ashamed) that joint he gym at the start of the year and piss off all the regulars AND every single blogger (I'm totally one of those people [someone who just joined, not a pissed off blogger] - except I ain't leavin after a month) - so we had to do our pre-weights warm up on the elliptical. 


I hoped on and this time I lasted a full five minutes. Then I decided. I decided that I am not going to let that machine get the best of me. Instead - I'm going to make that standing up/biking/running/cleary schizo machine my be-otch!!!

Every day I will go a little longer that the day before - no matter how much I want to get off, and throw the thing off the balcony at the gym. 

And I WILL be up to 60 minutes on that piece of crap thing by the end of March. And when I've accomplished that - I will move on to making the bike my bitch, too. And watch out, stair stepper - over in the corner looking so smug- no one is safe from my wrath!

What's your least favorite, can't stand it, wish it never existed piece of gym equipment?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Be The Change

Every Super Hero needs a motto, right?

Actually, now that I think about it - the only super hero motto I can think of is "to infinity...and beyond!" And I can't remember who says that. And I'm not real REAL sure it's even a superhero. But, I mean anyways - you get my point - I am my own Super Hero - and I have a motto. 

Be The Change

Be the change. Be the change you wanna see in your life, in your future, in your body, in your relationships, in your financial situation. 

BE the change. Not want the change, wish for the change, or hope for the change. BE IT! Make is happen. Live, eat, and breathe it. 

This is your life - if you want it to change - you have to live it. You have to Be it. 

My New Tool

I have tried and tried to lose weight counting calories. We all witnessed that last year. And - it's not that counting calories doesn't work - it's that I can't work it right. Not yet, anyways. 

So, I need some help - I need a few tools to help me along my way. 

On Monday, I started a program called Herbalife. 

Have you heard of this? It's an amazing program (don't worry I'm not selling it :-)) with infinite health benefits. Also, if you work this program correctly (which I am confident I can do), then it can serve life long health benefits (who doesn't wanna be healthy?). 

On this program you replace two meals a day with a shake (similar to slim fast), and they are delicious!

Since the shakes are only around 200 cals, that leaves room for a sizable (healhty!) dinner/lunch (whichever you chose to eat). 

I am in no way being reimbursed for talking about Herbalife on my blog, I just really love the product, and it is helping me tremendously. 

Tell me some of the tools you use to stay fit!

Goals Trump Resolutions

I'm not a big fan of resolutions. Resolutions are known to be made and then broken. When is the last time you made a New Years Resolutions and kept it? I've made a resolution to lose weight every year for the last 20 years (yes, since I was 8), and I'm still here. Still sitting at my highest weight, still haven't kept that resolution. 

So this year - I'm saying screw the resolutions! I'm making goals. Attainable, quantifiable goals. Really, it's my to do list. And I will cross of every. single. entry. 

Not all are related to weight loss - but here is my 2012 to-do list:

fit into size 28 jeans
finish quilts
read 20 books
go up stairs without getting winded
fit into size 3x bathing suit from Wal-Mart
drink 130oz of water at least 6 days per week
no soda
lose at least 150lbs.
paint bedroom furniture white
look great everyday - put more effort into hair, makeup, etc.
plant a garden spot at Mom and Dad's
add 3 more veggies to my 'like' list
climb Kennesaw mountain at least 15 times
run for 10 minutes in a row

Every month I will update you on my progress with each one!

What are your goals for 2012?