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Monday, January 9, 2012


I woke up at 7:00am yesterday (on a SUNDAY) and hauled my butt to the gym. 

Did I mention yesterday was Sunday?

Did I mention it was 7:00am?

Did I mention I hate all things 'morning'?

Did I?!?

I took some awesome pictures of what a 7:00am on a Sunday workout can do to you - but alas I don't have my camera cord. 

So this will do:


The good news is - if you KEEP have 7:00am Sunday (and everyday in between) workouts - it will also do THIS to you:


After my workout I had a fantastic day with my sweet hubby, his sister and his dad - who it was great to see! Shouda took pictures! Shoot!

What did you do this weekend to make yourself proud of...yourself?


  1. Yay Martha Jane!

    Look at you going to get your workout on! Way to get it done girl, you're well on your way. And just thing, what you burned off at the gym, you never ever have to see again. Every little ounce you work off adds up!


  2. Go MJ go!! you've got this! I've been using and love it! Its a great way to keep track of calories, exercise, etc....and has a great message board community!