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Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 3 - To-Do list Checkup!

2012 to-do list:

fit into size 28 jeans - on track!
finish quilts - not started :(
read 20 books - eeks...not started
go up stairs without getting winded - on track - sort of. This has been a little discouraging. I'm killing it at the gym...but still huffin and puffin up the stairs.
fit into size 3x bathing suit from Wal-Mart - on track!
drink 130oz of water at least 6 days per week - this has been a breeze for me (so far)! I love me some aqua.
no soda - check! - not even craving it (thank goodness).
lose at least 150lbs. - on track. 12 lbs down this year - 26 total!
paint bedroom furniture white - this will probably be in the summer :)
look great everyday - put more effort into hair, makeup, etc. - umm...yea...about that ....
plant a garden spot at Mom and Dad's - can't wait til it's time! 
add 3 more veggies to my 'like' list - I'm thinking about roasting some brussel sprouts this weekend. I'll keep ya posted.
climb Kennesaw mountain at least 15 times - none yet. I think next Sunday is the day for the first time. Depending on weather.
run for 10 minutes in a row - no running yet - but the walking is going great!

Goal this week:

My step counter from my goals for week two is not really working correctly - but...I still got in 10k + steps each day at least 5 out of 7 days that week. I'm sure of it.

As for this week - I have two goals.

1. To walk 3.2 miles on the treadmill at least twice in preparation for the Hunger Walk.

2. Read The Help. I have it - just gotta make time. 

P.S. Check me out with all that new space between my tum tums and the steering wheel. I mean - I kinda rock (just sayin). 

Have a great week!

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