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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week 1: To-Do list check in!

2012 to-do list check ins:

fit into size 28 jeans - on track!
finish quilts - not started :(
read 20 books - eeks...not started
go up stairs without getting winded - on track. I'm hoping that Making the Elliptical my Bitch will help with this
fit into size 3x bathing suit from Wal-Mart - on track!
drink 130oz of water at least 6 days per week 4/4 days this week!  2 to go.
no soda - check!
lose at least 150lbs. - on track. Weighing in on Monday...will post on Tuesday.
paint bedroom furniture white - this will probably be in the summer :)
look great everyday - put more effort into hair, makeup, etc. - I don't wanna toot my own horn - but know I been looking good! 4/4 days! check!
plant a garden spot at Mom and Dad's - looked up planting schedule for my zip code. I'm on it!
add 3 more veggies to my 'like' list - not started
climb Kennesaw mountain at least 15 times - not yet!
run for 10 minutes in a row - no running yet - but the walking is going great!

This weeks goal:

As part of my Christmas, I got a brand new handy dandy New Balance HRM:

(please excuse the horrible pic)

I really love it! It has a built in pedometer, and I've been tracking my steps. Yesterday I got up to 10,025 for the day.

This week (Friday, 1/6/12 - Thursday 1/12/12), my goal it to pass the 10,000 step mark every day! I've been told that "healthy people" take 10,000 steps a day OUTSIDE of their workouts. Well, my workout WILL be included in my step counts for now. 

Have a great weekend!!! 

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