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Monday, January 2, 2012

My New Tool

I have tried and tried to lose weight counting calories. We all witnessed that last year. And - it's not that counting calories doesn't work - it's that I can't work it right. Not yet, anyways. 

So, I need some help - I need a few tools to help me along my way. 

On Monday, I started a program called Herbalife. 

Have you heard of this? It's an amazing program (don't worry I'm not selling it :-)) with infinite health benefits. Also, if you work this program correctly (which I am confident I can do), then it can serve life long health benefits (who doesn't wanna be healthy?). 

On this program you replace two meals a day with a shake (similar to slim fast), and they are delicious!

Since the shakes are only around 200 cals, that leaves room for a sizable (healhty!) dinner/lunch (whichever you chose to eat). 

I am in no way being reimbursed for talking about Herbalife on my blog, I just really love the product, and it is helping me tremendously. 

Tell me some of the tools you use to stay fit!

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