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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gettin my Fidness

I'm not sure if you've noticed my calorie counter at the bottom of my page going up and's the reason! 

Keith and I joined this gym on Sunday:

I am SO happy with it! The gym is located minutes for our place and it is extremely affordable. 
We also had our very first workout on Sunday. 

I was ready to go!

I completed 45 minutes of cardio burning 259 calories (according to more according to the treadmill).

I also completed 30 minutes of weight lifting burning 316 calories. 

That's a total of 575 calories. Not bad!

Me, post workout:

I'm smiling but I feel like this:

We went on Monday as well, doing just cardio. We are going tonight to do more treadmill and also strength training in the legs! My arms have been sore the past few days from the workout and I LOVE IT!
And, I also feel so proud! Proud of giving my all during my workouts. Proud of sweating through my shirt. And mostly, proud of every decision I am making for myself, to make my life better. 

It's SUCH a great feeling to be taking care of my body. I know that this is the last time a will START the process of becoming healthy. I'm not saying I will be perfect everyday - I think that's unrealistic. I have a long way to go...but I just feel so good already. I'm not letting anything hold me back from my dreams anymore. 

What are you letting hold you back?

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