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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Dreaded Before Pictures

Listen, I want you to know that I really thought about weather or not I should put my before pictures on here. I mean, it IS really scary. Do I really want to put myself out there? Do I REALLY want to put on a bathing suit and show everyone what I look like?

Answer: YES! 

I think it's important - it's important (to me) for everyone who is reading and watching to know where I'm coming from. It's important for me to take a good look at myself and reiterate that this is a place where I do NOT want to be anymore. I want to be COMFORTABLE in a bathing suit. I want to skip the anxiety that goes along with going to the pool. I want to just be HAPPY with my body.  

So please know - I don't do this lightly.

It's ok though - because soon (in a year or two), I will be posting this picture:

Before - After :)

Ok, OK -this is a little unrealistic -  my tatas PROBABLY won't be that big. I'm just saying. 


  1. MJ,
    First & foremost, I am so very proud of you. Y-O-U my friend are are so brave!
    I do not think that I would dare put a picture of myself in a bathing suit, but by posting pictures of yourself it clearly shows that you are serious!!!
    I know at work I see that you are making the commitment to change your life & it is showing. I can already tell that you are losing weight.
    Keep up the FABULOUS work & again OH SO VERY PROUD OF YOU! :)

    <3, Alane

  2. Alane,

    Thank you SO much! I appreciate all of the encouragement! Thank you so much for supporting me! :)


  3. You are one brave woman! It really demonstrates your commitment to making your life better.

    Hugs, Juli

  4. GO MJ GO!!!!! I LOVE your boldness. See you tomorrow!!!