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Monday, May 2, 2011

Apples, Cranberries, and Almonds - oh my!

Hello, cats and kittens! 
This weekend was very eventful and I managed (barely) to only have the one planned cheat day. It was Friday night and it was great! We had a few people over to watch day 2 of the NFL draft - had a great time. 

Saturday was a day of rest and relaxation. The only thing I did was go to Wal-Mart for a few groceries. 

On Sunday I woke up and went to my parents house. Keith was not feeling well so he stayed home. My parents and I had a delicious dinner - of grilled steak and chicken, suddenly salad, and corn on the cob.

steaks on the grill

chicken and steak

my plate (approx 700 calories)

We had pie for dessert (my piece was smaller than it looks - I mean the camera does add 15 lbs.).

After spending some time with my parents I came home to check on Keith and get ready for the week.

Today I tried (for the first time) the most amazing granola! It's quaker brand - apple, cranberry and almond. I highly recommend it


After work I swung by my parents house (it's right on the way home) and walked with my mom. Now, I usually don't like to work out outside (it's hot - eww), but it's time to get movin! Sweating is good for you, right? I got home a little while ago.

I'm tired:

And a little upset:

I've been having pain in my left foot along the outside bottom and on my heal. About halfway through the walk my foot started hurting pretty badly. I had to slow down and I'm just frustrated because I wanted to keep going and power through. I mean, I only completed 1 mile today. The rest of my body was fine. just that stupid foot. GRRR!

I have to start taking serious chunks out of that 88 miles if I'm going to reach my goal this month! I want to reward myself if when I reach 88. 

What are some non-food rewards you give yourself for a job well done?

Any ideas to ease my foot pain during my walks?


  1. Some of my favorite non-food rewards are pedicures, massages, new shoes, or just a hot relaxing bath. Good luck with all that you are doing, keep pushing! :o) Kacie Viars

  2. Hey Martha, way to go! Have you considered swimming/water aerobics? It takes the weight off of your joints and bones while still giving you a super dose of cardio! Keep it up! xoxox, Jodie

  3. Really good running shoes fitted for you by a knowledgeable salesperson can help. Orthotic shoe inserts can help. The best shoes are not always the most cushiony. Wrapping your foot with an ace bandage (not too tight) to help support it - at least while it hurts - can help. Just don't stop! Find a different cardio exercise to do till your foot feels better. I get heel pain from time to time on the treadmill - so I just use the bike, the precor or the rowing machine till my heel feels better.

    Keep up the good work!! Hugs, Juli

  4. Your foot sounds like plantar fasciitis. Swelling in the bottom tendons because your shoes are not supporting your arch. I used to get this every time I exercised before getting shoes that fit correctly.

    I make small rewards like massage, hair do, new book or movie, or ironically I try a new adventure. Kayaking is exercise but also amazingly beautiful, double bike ride with the hubby if possible, going on a downtown cheesy tour, sounds lame but if you get into it you exercise without realizing you area and having fun.

    For large weight loss I have gone skydiving. Amazing. Rock climbing, halfway through my weight loss I went clothes shopping. And next week when I am 2/3 the way toward my goal after losing 140 pounds with only 60 left I am going to Ireland for a week. Love the blog.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. Thank you all SO MUCH for the advise and encouragement! Don't worry...I'm not quitting!

  6. Hey Martha! I just came across your blog on facebook and love the journey you're on. You're going to feel so FABULOUS, so just stick with it!

    PS- you may want to get fitted for shoes to make sure you have the support you need. It was totally worth it for me!

  7. Mary Alane MarksMay 3, 2011 at 4:24 PM

    You are sooo cute!!! :)

    Keep up all of your hard work...

    & btw, the food looked YUMMY...but next time, please invite me! ;)

  8. oh... I'm salavating. Is there such thing as a non-food reward??? Pepsi isn't food. right? hehehehehehe