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Friday, April 29, 2011

88 Miles in 31 Days

It's time for walking!

So listen...the working-out-every-day-for-7-days-for-thirty-minutes challenge isn't really going so well (I am getting my water in, though. I didn't work out again last night. But don't worry! I'm not giving up on gettin my fitness in - I'm just going to re-vamp my challenge it a little. See the ticker at the bottom? I'm going to walk 88 miles in May! Why 88? I have a Walk Off The Pounds video (yes I said video) that is an hour long and 4 miles. I'm thinking if I do the video 5 days a week (or every business day) I will get in all my miles. I'm not restricting myself to only the video. I may walk lots of places. 


Here (a girl can dream):

And let's all pray I don't have to walk here:

Did you see my other tracker at the top? That's my Pounds to Lose tracker. 303...

Betcha didn't think I that phat - didja? DIDJA?

Don't answer that. Now - the reason it says 47.2 lbs. as apposed to the 14.4 lbs. I told you all a few days ago is because I've lost a little weight just living the last year or so. But since I've actually started being healthy and stuff - I've lost 16.6 lbs. (2 more pounds down this week!). 

I'm on my way, people! 

My weekend plans? Tonight - we're watching the NFL Draft, tomorrow - Draft, Sunday - dinner/lunch with my parents. And I will hopefully put a dent in those 88 miles over the weekend!

 Have a fabulous weekend, everybody! 


  1. Mary Alane MarksMay 2, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    LOVE YOUR BLOG...Checking in EACH & EVERYDAY to see what you have posted...

    Keep up the Hard Work! :)

    <3, Alane