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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drive By Lunch Post

I wasn't feeling well yesterday so I couldn't get on and tell you guys about my weekend! The Mormon temple was great - learned a lot! I did not, however get my workout in ( I know - HORRIBLE). I was too tired, busy, random excuse, blah blah. 

No more excuses!!! Working out is an essential part of my plan to get healthy. I have also been slacking the hydration department. Did you know that you are supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces a DAY?!? Insane. I'll have to work up to that. (tip - if you are considering drinking this much water, you better stop drinking about 3 hours before bed - you know what I'm sayin?)

Plan/challenge for the next week:
  • get in at least 30 minutes of cardio EVERY day!
  • get all my water in every day (at least 100oz. a day)
Who's with me on these? C'mon - do it with me! Leave a comment saying if you are going to bust out the cardio, get your water in, or both! 


  1. The water thing almost killed me when I was pregnant. I was at 240lbs and they said 120oz a day. I felt like I was peeing my brains out. BUT after having Izzie I was actually lighter than I was before I was pregnant. So, I have faith in the water thing....I just don't like the "omgomgomg...I'm gonna wet myself" feeling :-P


  2. Wow! That's awesome! Well, I'm definitely drinking as much as I can...I'm thinking I should just work with a laptop on the toilet at this point. LOL.

  3. hmmmm... that would be interesting. Thank you for calling Advocos, This is Martha (tinkle tinkle tinkle) I can help you. (tinkle).

    Sooooo does pepsi count? Cuz if it does than i'm all good with the half your body weight thing. :)

  4. HAHA! Pepsi does NOT count, ma'am!!! And Juice doesn't either. ;)~