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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mormon Temple and Facebook

Happy Saturday!

Ever have those days when you are certain that you will die before five rolls around and you can leave work to start the weekend? Yesterday was like that. I couldn't wait to get the party started...woot woot! 

Last night was one of my weekly cheat meals.Some of you probably don't agree with cheat meals or see the point. Well, it's clear that those of you have never been fat. I'm JUST sayin'. Cheat meals are great for me because they help me stay focused during the week ('I don't have to eat that now - I can wait until my cheat meal this weekend'). And also, the day after the cheat meal, I feel more focused and ready for the next week. Maybe when I get a better handle on my food and really get the portion control thing down I will be able to skip my weekly cheat meal - but I'm a long way from that. 

Look...even they do it!

I am VERY excited about today's plans. We are going with some friends of ours (Jason and Tiffany) down to the big Mormon temple in Atlanta to take a tour (I'll take pictures for you if I can). 

And tomorrow...oh tomorrow...I can finally look at Facebook (that's right - I gave it up for lent. CRAZY...I know). I'm a total Facebook addict and I will probably be on there for hours catching up. 

And in between all the fabulousness I will be doing this video once today and once tomorrow (and sticking to my calories, of course):

I hope you guys have a great weekend! What are your plans?

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  1. Hey! I went to the whistle stop cafe today and tasted Fried Green Tomatoes... gross. And tomorrow I'm going to church!