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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yesterday, I drank 140oz of water - which is 40 over my goal! Does that make up for not working out yesterday (I didn't feel well - I had a cold [excuse alert])? 


It's 1:41pm and I'm on my 4th bottle (80oz) of water. I feel like this...

but with hair. 

I've been thinking lately of the relationship between celebrating and food. Think about it - most everyone (including fit/healthy/in-shape people), always combines the two. Have you ever been to a Birthday Party with no cake? Every Holiday is surrounded by food, too. I'm really going to work on changing this in my own life. 

WHOA! Calm down...I didn't say I was never eating cake again - don't be crazy.

 I want to celebrate successes and Holidays and Birthdays (and just have fin in general) in different ways - non food ways!

Ok, maybe not skydiving! 

How has everyone been doing on the challenge? I hope you didn't skip your 30 minutes like I did!


  1. Hey MJ - Good job on the water! I did not make the water goal yesterday, but I did get in 1.5 hours at the gym....ouch.

    Skydiving is a blast, btw....!

    Cousin Juli

  2. Hey! Maybe I'll consider skydiving...I definitely want to bungee jump!

    1.5 hours? Nice!

    I'll get my 30 mins in today!