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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So...I haven't weighed myself in 3 weeks (or so). Partially because I always forget on Friday mornings, and mostly because I don't want to see a gain. I haven't been full on cheating...

...but I haven't been completely on track. 

I've decided I need accountability. I need you. 

Tomorrow morning I am going to weigh in. Then Friday morning (and every Friday morning following), I am going to weigh in, and post the results. 

That way, when I feel like skipping a workout, or eating something bad (or too much of something good - is half a cup of peanut butter too much for my sandwich?), I will think of Fridays. And think of you. 

So good, bad, or ugly: I will post every weigh in. 

What's the point of this blog if I don't put it all on the table? 

Being unhealthy and treating myself badly (unhealthily - is that a word?) has been my dirty little secret (I mean it wasn't really a secret - people could look at me and tell) for so's time to let it out!

Do you have any dirty little secrets that you wanna let out?

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