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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Biking, Foot and Mothers

Update on my foot:

I haven't had any activity since I found out about my bone spur. I've been resting, taking my anti-inflamatory, and waiting for my foot to get better. It feels better,  but I still have a little pain - nothing unbearable. 

So tonight...I'm jumping back on the activity wagon. I'm going to the gym in our apartment complex and I'm going to get some fitness!

I'm hoping my foot won't hurt too bad when I'm done. (totally wish I had a BRIGHT YELLOW jumpsuit like this - add it to your list of ideas for my birthday gifts, Keith!)

In other news, I did not weigh in on Friday, because I thought I might have gained weight since I couldn't get any activity in - and I just don't want to see a big gain. 

Because the truth is - I think that might send me into a tailspin of eating everything and just not caring about my health for a few days (or however long it takes me to regain control). I know that's not a healthy way to look at the scale, but right now I'm just doing all I can to stay on track. 


drinking my water, 

watching my diet (I mean how great is Veggie Tales, btw?),

and getting my 8 hours of sleep in. 

Right amount of sleep + good diet + water + EXERCISE = weight loss and healthiness


I'm missing the exercise right now but I'm getting on it tonight (this is a common theme here, I know - I'm working on it - GEEZ - give a girl a break!).  

Weekend recap even though it's Tuesday:

Saturday Keith and I went to my parents house and Keith made my mom dinner for Mother's day. We ended fairy late and missing s birthday party we were supposed to go to (sorry Michael :( ). It was a great time with the fam!

Sunday we stayed home and I rested my foot (it was sore from standing a long while on Sunday helping Keith cook). 

Now the week is here and Monday definitely came too fast!

How was your weekend? What did you do for your mom for Mother's day? (or what was done for you?)


  1. Mary Alane MarksMay 17, 2011 at 10:10 AM

    Time to U-P-D-A-T-E!!!!!

  2. You definitely should weigh yourself... you LOOK like your shrinking. For Mothers day, all my boys made me tissue paper flowers... even though I only made number 5 on Levi's favorite people list.

  3. Thank you!!!

    Psh - #5? I mean, you're number 3 on mine!