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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Success!

Usually, on Monday's i am reeling from a 3 day binge-fest, nursing my food hangover, and promising myself that this time - this week - will be different. 

This time I will be the boss of my eating, and workouts will be my bitch. 

But not this Monday. 

This Monday I woke up refreshed from an awesome weekend of eating right, and taking care of myself. 

My feet are not swollen because I stupidly drank soda all weekend -they are comfortable and my shoes fit because  I drank a full gallon of water Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Having this on-track weekend may seem like a small victory - but it is HUGE! And it showed in my weigh in this morning (tune in tomorrow for those results). 

I haven't had a weekend like this in I can't tell you how long. 

I feel amazing, proud, refreshed, and ready to face the week! 

How was your weekend? 


  1. I had the opposite weekend- ate too much junk, didn't exercise much and now have to refocus today. You inspire me to stay focused next weekend :) CONGRATS on your awesome weekend success!

  2. Great job!! Truly, that is awesome! And it is NOT a small victory... you deserve to be proud!