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Thursday, October 20, 2011


I love feeling free, with nothing to worry about. 

You know what feels so freeing to me right now?

-making a grocery list without worrying if the food is healthy-

-stopping by Wendy's (Arby's, Taco Bell - you get the idea) just cause I feel like it-

-no time constraints on my evening (laying on the couch as long as I want)-

-not worrying about my health-

But- I can't go through life like that! 
I have to stay strong, and stick my nose right to the pavement! Know why? Cause these things will be WAY more freeing...

-walking into a room and NOT wondering if I will fit in the chairs-

-riding a roller coaster-

-walking up the stairs at my apartment without feeling like death-

-not always wondering what everyone thinks of my size-

-feeling hot-

-going to concerts-

-NOT living everyday of life as a morbidly obese girl-

What makes you feel free?


  1. I can't wait to ride the Superman with you!! Let's do it! summer 2012. :)